Stakeholders Concerned issues Frequency of communication/ Contact person
  1. Corporate governance
  2. Communication with competent authority
  3. Risk management
  4. Sustainable development strategy
  5. Regulatory compliance
  6. Consumer protection and communication
  • We participate in policy seminars with the competent authority from time to time.
  • We cooperate with the competent authority to supervise and audits.
  • We establish the contact persons to maintain positive interaction with the competent authority.
  • Contact persons
    Legal:Ms. Wang (02)-2356-0429 #208
    Stock Affair Specialist:Ms. Chuang (
  1. Talent acquisition and retention
  2. Talent cultivation and development
  3. Employee salary and benefits
  4. Labor-management relations and human rights assessment
  5. Environmental health and safety
  • From time to time, we announce various employee benefits (Health Examination, etc.) and the information released from Employees’ Welfare Committee.
  • Employees’ Welfare Committee web:
    (This website is for internal use only.)
  • Contact us:
    Contact persons:Ms. Shih
    TEL:(03)-352-9862 #203
  • Related products and services.
  • Promotional articles and advertisements are published in physical and social media from time to time.
  • We provide customers variety channel to communicate including consumer services hotline and website consumer service center.
  • Contact us:
    Contact person:Ms. Wang
    TEL:(02)2356-0429 #236
    Consumer Services Hotline:0800-211-135
    Website Consumer Service Center:
Shareholders and
  1. Corporate sustainability
  2. Development strategy
  3. Shareholders participation
  4. Risk management
  5. Operating performance
  • We hold an annual shareholders’ meeting and publish an annual report.
  • We provide quarterly financial reports.
  • We announce the operating overview.
  • We disclose the important information immediately, such as corporate governance, major business development, operating performance and other information which shareholders and investors are concerned about.
  • Contact us:
    Spokesperson: Sarah Yeh
    TEL:(03)352-9862 #520
    Deputy Spokesperson:Nicole Chang
    TEL:(03)352-9862 #521
  • We establish the contact persons to maintain positive interaction between stock affair specialist and investors.
  • Contact us:
    Stock Affair Specialist:Ms. Chuang (
  1. Sustainable development strategy
  2. Corporate image
  3. Supplier management
Fuburg reviews suppliers and requires them provide the conformity declaration of SSCS (CSR). If the suppliers fail to comply with the requirements of SSCS, they shall provide the reports on the improved programs including timeline.

  1. Environmental protection, energy conservation and green procurement:
    The suppliers are required to conduct waste management. And the discharge effluent treatment procedures must achieve or exceed the minimum standard required from government. Furthermore, the suppliers are required to declare whether they have violated environmental regulations during the past two years.
  2. Safety and sanitary:
    The suppliers need to provide the Work Safety and Health Manual, discharge permit and the records concerning about the safety and health training, fire safety training, regular fire equipment inspections and the last two escape drills (every six months), etc.
  3. Human rights and social welfare:
    The suppliers are prohibited from harassing and tolerating any form of abuse. And they should respect the right that laying off the labors after reasonable notification. Furthermore, the suppliers should provide the clean toilets and drinking water to all the labors. And they also need to conduct and record the training related to safety and health regularly.

Contact us:
Contact person:Mr. Lin / TEL:(03)352-9862 #211

  1. Environmental health and safety
  2. Regulatory compliance
The fire drills are held regularly every year.