Being women is blessing. We don’t take it for granted.
We take charge and make the world a better place.

Female Care
The first sign of being female is menstruation. We all have “the first time ever” situation. It is part of our youth. The first time menstruation that we’re all excited, anxious and struggle, when we seek our help from family, friends, and community, build us the memory we all remember.
Women and menstruation are like life time friendship. The friend that we meet since being teenager at school, first time jobber, getting marry, until menopause turn to incontinence at elder age.
For more than 40 years that period is being with us. We are truly bond with nature. From unknown to comprehensive, we all learn little by little with our body. We all experience variety of symptoms, from hormonal change, mood swing, stomach cramp, dizziness, to energy lost. All these annoying symptoms that we have to deal with every months, are what make us strong and worthy. When we think of all the magic of life begin inside our body. We are blessed and meaningful
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Choosing period product may be hesitating, but it is part of our life we learnt- from newbie to expert, Starting from product that mother suggest, try out different brands and products until we find our soul mate like a grown up women find a man she what to marry. It takes time to find the perfect one. But don’t worry! let enjoy the process.
Our brand understands what you have been through. We know what you are looking for. We design our product with passion. We carefully select high quality material, control manufacturing process with ambition, and integration to make sure that every product is the best for you.
We support and empower women throughout our community with our vision is to be the first brand you think about when you have menstruation. We inspire women to become advocate, change maker, and leader. We learn and share experience throughout society hope to be the voice of women equality, and eliminate menstrual poverty. We believed, a better world begins with us.

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Our brands cover every women issue from daily care, menstruation, and incontinence.
All specially made and design for you

Menstrual pants, napkin, tampon
Menstrual pants, napkin, tampon
Feelfree Adult Care
incontinence lite pad

Feelfree Adult Care

Eco wet wipe for women