Fuburg Industrial Co., Ltd. respects your privacy. The purpose of this “Personal Data and Privacy Statement” is to inform you that our collection, processing, and utilization of personal data comply with the Personal Information Protection Act and other relevant privacy regulations.


1.Scope of Application:

This statement applies to all domain names registered in the name of Fuburg Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) and the websites hosted under these domain names (hereinafter referred to as the “Company’s website”). Additionally, this “Personal Data and Privacy Statement” also applies to all websites and domains belonging to the Company and its wholly-owned subsidiaries (hereinafter referred to as the “Company’s affiliated websites”). For your convenience and information access, the Company and its affiliated websites may provide links to third-party websites. Please note that third-party websites are not managed by the Company, and the collection, processing, and use of your personal information provided to third-party websites or collected by third-party websites are not covered by this “Personal Data and Privacy Statement.” Such activities will be governed by the relevant laws and the privacy policies disclosed by the linked websites, and the Company assumes no joint responsibility. It is recommended that you review the privacy policy of any company before providing your personal information.

2.Collection of Personal Data:

When you use online activities, online customer service, apply for related services, or other interactive features on the Company’s website, the Company may collect, process, and use your personal data when necessary. This may include personally identifiable information such as your name, address, email, and phone number. Additionally, the Company’s website may retain related records generated by the server during your online browsing or queries, including but not limited to your IP address, usage time, browser information, and click records.

3.Use of Collected Data:

The personal data collected by the Company’s website will be used solely for customer management, marketing, and services within the scope of the Company’s business registration items or articles of incorporation and business needs. The period of use will start from the date of acquisition and end on the specific purpose termination date. Unless otherwise required by law, agreed upon by both parties, or obtained with your consent, the personal data collected by the Company will not be used jointly with others or for purposes beyond the specific purpose of collection. The Company complies with the provisions of the “Personal Information Protection Act” to protect your personal information. With this understanding, you agree that the Company may process and use the relevant data within the scope permitted by law to provide information or services and may provide promotional information to you in the Company’s operating regions.

4.Protection of Personal Data:

The collection, processing, use, and protection of personal data by the Company are carried out in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act of the Republic of China and relevant regulations. To ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your personal data, the Company adheres to government regulations and information management principles. Measures include the use of network firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and comprehensive antivirus mechanisms to protect information systems against unauthorized access and malicious programs. Data transmission is protected by SSL mechanisms, and for highly sensitive data, encryption and digital signature mechanisms are employed to enhance the security of data transmission, storage, and usage.

5.Use of Cookie Technology:

Cookies are short pieces of data sent from a web server to your browser and stored on your computer’s hard drive. The Company’s website uses cookies as a tool for communication and identification. The purpose is to store string data of your activities or inputs on webpages, record personal information and preferences, facilitate personalized services, deliver advertisements that match your interests and preferences, understand browsing patterns to improve service quality, and enhance the security of the website system. Most web browsers on personal computers or mobile devices are set to automatically accept website cookies. If you do not wish to accept the cookies used by the Company and want to disable them, you can change the cookie settings through your browser. Choosing not to accept or block the Company’s website cookies may result in the inability to use the website at all or only partially use certain service features.

6.Declaration on Providing Personal Data to Third Parties:

The Company will never provide, exchange, rent, or sell any of your personal data to other individuals, groups, private enterprises, or government agencies unless required by law or contractual obligations. When the Company engages third-party vendors to assist in the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, it will be responsible for overseeing and managing the outsourcing party. The above situation includes but is not limited to:

  • Obtaining your explicit consent or authorization.
  • Cooperating with lawful investigations by judicial authorities.
  • Cooperating with investigations or usage according to the powers or duties of supervisory authorities.
  • In situations beneficial to the parties’ interests, including but not limited to providing you with other services or benefits, when the data needs to be shared with a third party.
  • In accordance with the terms of outsourcing agreements, the Company fulfills its obligation to provide personal data.
  • Other circumstances expressly stipulated by laws.

7.Exercise of Rights by Data Subjects:

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, you have the following rights concerning the personal data collected, processed, used, and retained by the Company:

  • Inquiry or request to access.
  • Request for copies.
  • Request for supplementation or correction.
  • Request to stop collection, processing, or use.
  • Request for deletion.

*The Company will decide whether to accept your request in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act and relevant regulations. If the personal data you provide is incorrect or incomplete, preventing verification of your true identity, we will not be able to accommodate your privacy claims. If you believe that the Company cannot or is unwilling to address your rights-related issues, you can file a complaint with the relevant authority responsible for personal data protection.
*Information collected by the Company’s website will be retained based on specific purposes, contractual rights and obligations, legal obligations, and time limits, as well as factors related to dispute resolution. The Company will delete and destroy your personal data in accordance with internal regulations once these factors are met or extinguished. Alternatively, your personal data may be anonymized and stored in a manner that prevents subsequent tracing back to your identity.
*You are free to choose whether or not to provide your personal data. However, if you do not provide or if the information you provide is insufficient to confirm your identity, resulting in cases of impersonation, identity theft, or false information as reported or discovered by the Company, you may lose the right to participate in related business activities.。

8.Personal Data Usage Confirmation:

You have read the relevant provisions and agree to this statement of personal data and privacy rights issued by the Company when providing data. Personal data is provided by you personally. If provided by another person, the provider should inform the relationship with the recipient and the source of the data.

9.Self-Protection Measures:

Please securely store your credentials, passwords, or any personal information and do not provide any personal information to anyone or other organizations. After using various service functions provided by the Company’s website, be sure to log out of your account. If you are using a shared computer or a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from accessing your personal information.

10.Privacy Protection for Minors:

As the Company’s website cannot determine whether the personal data collected belongs to minors or whether it has obtained the consent of their legal guardians, if you have concerns about the collection of personal data belonging to minors without the consent of their legal guardians or without other legal basis, please contact the Company as indicated in this statement. We will promptly investigate and rectify the situation.

11.Revision of This Statement:

The Company’s website will periodically revise and publish this statement in response to changes in the social environment, business needs, technological developments, and legal amendments. Please visit this statement online at any time to safeguard your rights.

12.Contact Information:

To protect the privacy of website users and maintain online privacy, the Company has established this statement regarding personal data and privacy protection. If you have any questions or wish to exercise the rights of the data subject related to this statement or personal data, you can use the “Online Customer Service” section on the Company’s website or call the Company’s customer service at 0800-211-135. We will provide further explanations as needed.