Job title Name Position
Chairman and General manager LIN,HUANG-CHIANG
  • Adhering to the resolutions of the board of directors, the leading managers are responsible for making major decisions for the company and all related companies.
  • Implementation of integrated company business.
Finance Department Manager YEH,YI-HSIN
  • Responsible for the planning, execution and supervision of the company’s investment business, stock affairs, finance and accounting departments.
Associate Manager of Business Department CI,SIANG-WEI
  • Operate in accordance with the company’s plan, he is responsible for domestic product projects and the operating performance of the sales. And he strives for sales growth and market development.
Principal accounting officer/Corporate governance officer WU, WEI-HSIN
  • Appointed by the Board as responsible for managing a company’s accounting affairs in accordance with the resolution of the board of directors, and whose personal signature or seal is placed in the “principal accounting officer” space in financial reports in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Act.
  • Appointed by the Board as responsible for corporate governance related matters. A variety of training plans for directors will be provided. Templates for independent directors and audit committees exercising their powers will be constructed for reference.