To ensure that we obtain the opinions of stakeholders accurately, we refer to the “GRI Standards” of the Global Reporting Initiative and the CSR Guidelines for listed and OTC companies, among other issues. Through stakeholder identification surveys, we ensure that the opinions of stakeholders are widely collected.

Process for analyzing significant issues:

  • Identifying stakeholders: Recognize important stakeholders through the six principles of stakeholder engagement standards.

  • Collecting stakeholder concerns: By conducting surveys, stakeholders express their needs for issues of concern, and thus understand the level of stakeholder concern for various sustainable issues.

  • Evaluating and ranking significant issues: Rank the priority order of each issue disclosed based on the level of stakeholder concern and the impact on company operations.

  • Identifying significant considerations: Sort and correspond to significant considerations and indicators based on the score of significant issues.

  • Discussion and commitment: After evaluation by the core team, report significant issues and corresponding methods at company management meetings, and continue to review and improve.

Materiality Analysis Chart.

Analysis Chart of Significant Issues