Annual Company Report Information for the Current Year

Annual Report 2023富堡工業112 年報5.69 MB9 Download
1. Letter to Shareholders壹、致股東報告書962.32 KB7 Download
2. Company Profile貳、公司簡介839.94 KB8 Download
3. Corporate Governance Report參、公司治理報告2.58 MB7 Download
4. Capital Overview肆、募資情況0.97 MB8 Download
5. Operational Highlights伍、營運概況1.98 MB9 Download
6. Financial Information陸、財務概況1.32 MB10 Download
7. Review of Financial Conditions, Operating Results, and Risk Management柒、財務狀況及財務績效之檢討分析與風險事項1.11 MB8 Download
8. Special Disclosure捌、特別記載事項1.10 MB7 Download