Audit division organization and job description introduction.

  • organization
    1. Audit reports to board of directors directly. There is one employee in audit division.
    2. job description of audit division
      A、Make annual audit plan, working tempo of audit process, and audit report.
      B、Make commends and track outcomes.
      C、Recheck the self-audit of all the departments and subsidiaries, collect all the information to management. Make internal audit report to management.
      D、Other projects.
    3. Appointment and removal of internal auditors
      The company revised Article 3 of the ” Corporate Governance Best Practice Principles” in November 109, stipulating that the appointment, dismissal, evaluation, salary and remuneration of the company’s internal auditors should be reported to the board of directors or the audit supervisor should sign the chairman for approval.
  • process introduction.
    1. Periodical audit — follow the annual audit plan to execute audit work.
    2. Nonscheduled audit— Audit the irregular evens or instructions from top management.
  • audit subjects
    Audit all the departments to make their process follow the standard procedures.

    1. audit sales and receipt
      Include sales, quotation, orders, certificates, receiving, allowances, purchase goods, returned goods, invoice, notes receivable, notes, costumers’ grievances and after-service, traffic allowance budget management.
    2. purchases and payment audit
      Including: purchase request, purchase, check, receiving, suppliers management, import payment, fine, material request, storage, delivery, bills, insurance.
    3. Wage cycle audit
      Including: recruitment, working hours, hiring, leaves, training, attendance, evaluation, promotion, resignation, turn over, payroll, withholding, wage recorder, guarantor rechecking, staff warfare management.
    4. Fixed asset audit
      Including: asset obtainment, depreciation, purchase request, purchasing, goods checking, receiving, safekeeping , stock-taking, record, repairing, maintaining, asset variation and idle, construction.
    5. 生產循環稽核
      Including: production, quality control, maintaining, sanitary, material management, crap and waste material disposal, material cost control, man power cost, production cost control, inventory and stock-taking.
    6. Loan for revolving fund audit
      Including: Allowance, cashier, credit loan, notes, seal safekeeping, budget control, endorsement, liabilities commitment, lending loans, derivatives transactions, non-financial statement, welfare funds management.
    7. Investment audit
      Including: short-term and long-term investment estimate, safekeeping, securities acquisition and disposition, investment portfolio management, long-term investment income analysis…etc.
    8. Computer Department Organization and audit:
      Including: job function and description allocation, system development and maintenance, document control, program and data storage, data input and output, security of files and equipment, hardware and software purchase and use, system recovery and test, MIS, communication check and control, information security.
    9. Research and development cycle:
      Including: products development assessment, samples designation and producing, consignment, and portfolio record.
    10. Subsidiary companies audit:
      Including: internal process control, eight audit cycles.
    11. Board meeting rules:
      Including: Whether board meeting taking place legitimately.