Succession Planning and Operation of Board members

The Articles of Incorporation compiled by FUBURG specifies that the election of directors adopt the candidate nomination system. And the “Code of Corporate Governance Practices” stipulates that diversity should be considered in the selection of board members. Appropriate diversity guidelines should be developed based on the company’s operations, business type and development goals, including but not limited to basic composition (e.g., gender, age, nationality, etc.), professional knowledge and background (e.g., legal, accounting, financial, marketing or technology) and industry experience orientation.

FUBURG has also established the “Board of Directors’ Performance Evaluation Program” and annually evaluates the performance of the Board of Directors’ operations, including the mastery of corporate goals and tasks, directors’ awareness of their duties and responsibilities, their participation in corporate operations, internal relations and communication, professional and continuing education, and internal controls. The results of the performance evaluation will be used as a reference for the selection or nomination of directors in the future.

Following the re-election of FUBURG’s board on June 23, 2020, the new Board consists of seven directors with the knowledge, skills and qualities required to carry out their duties. And the members included one female director, representing 14.29% of the Board, and three independent directors, representing 42.86% of the Board.

Succession planning and operation of critical management

In FUBURG’s succession planning, the successor must have excellent ability to accomplish the job. In order to take into account the career development of employees, the selection of succession reserve is not limited to the original department, but can be rotated across departments or affiliated companies to expand the work field of the employees. In addition, we cultivate a second expertise to improve the quality and effectiveness of our employees to effectively develop management leaders.

FUBURG plans to establish a succession planning schedule in the first semester of 2021 and to start planning operations in the second Semester of 2022.