1. Social welfare and social contribution: FUBURG and the Fuburg Youyi Cultural and Educational Foundation donated materials and donations such as nursing centers, children’s homes, and dementia care associations such as sanitary products and diapers to help the disadvantaged and give back to the society; many times Donated, the total amount is NT$ 478,294.

  2. Environmental protection: In order to reduce energy consumption and reduce the impact of the production process on the environment, FUBURG continues to cooperate with the government’s energy conservation, carbon reduction and green environmental protection policies. In addition to continuing to replace energy-saving equipment, it also actively carries out product plastic reduction and waste reduction. The construction of dust collection facilities; the carbon emissions in 2022 were estimated at 843,961 (kgCO2e), and the carbon emissions in 2021 were 991,631 (kgCO2e), a reduction of 147,670 (kgCO2e).

  3. Human rights: Emphasize gender relations and equal rights, protect personal dignity, set up a gender equality sexual harassment prevention and control committee, and protect gender equality in the right to work.

  4. Community contribution and community services: FUBURG maintains reflectors at alleys and cleans streets.

  5. Consumer rights: A toll-free service hotline is set up, and dedicated personnel are available to provide consumers or customers with answers to questions about the company’s products. FUBURG’s website also has a business department email to provide consumers or customers with a smooth communication channel.

  6. Safety and health: Provide a safe and hygienic working environment for employees, and reduce the chance of occupational disasters through publicity, drill training and various protective measures. In 2023, our company implemented fire drill education and training twice, with each drill lasting 4 hours and a total of 79 people participating in the drill.

  7. Environmental protection: The company has obtained ISO14001 environmental management system certification and ISO9001 quality system verification.

  8. The company has organized an internship program for Polytechnic students since 2018, cooperates with the school in teaching construction, and matches teachers from relevant departments for talent recruitment, providing students with one-year internship opportunities, and the teachers will provide care with the company every six months. Meetings provide two-way communication between students and companies. This opportunity allows students to participate in corporate work before going out into society, and understand corporate models in addition to school courses. After one year of internship, students with outstanding performance will be evaluated, and students with outstanding performance will be evaluated and promoted to full-time employees. In 2021, a total of 2 people entered into internship cooperation with Deming University of Finance and Economics, one of whom was transferred to a full-time position in 2022; in 2022, a total of 4 people entered into internship cooperation with Deming University of Finance and Economics and Wanmeng University of Science and Technology, two of them were transferred to a full-time position in 2023; In 2023, 1 people entered into internship cooperation with National Taipei University of Business.

  9. The company follows the development direction of government policies and strengthens the company’s ESG implementation management. The evaluation results of the “2022 Annual Enterprise Sustainability Evaluation” organized by the Enterprise Sustainability Association of the Republic of China are listed as rankings: 41%~60% of the whole market and 21%~40% of OTC companies.