The company values the code of conduct and ethics of its employees, and sets the following service regulations as management standards for employees:

  1. When receiving visitors from outside, employees should adhere to the service guidelines of “politeness”, “smiling”, “thoughtfulness”, and “initiative”.
  2. Employees are prohibited from disclosing company business secrets to others or engaging in activities that are detrimental to the company.
  3. Employees are not allowed to engage in religious or political activities using company equipment or during working hours.
  4. Without the company’s permission, employees are not allowed to operate or be hired for work related to the nature of the company’s business. If engaged in work not directly related to the company’s business, employees must report to the company.
  5. Employees are not allowed to engage in gambling, rape, threats, or any behavior that disturbs the company’s discipline.
  6. Any activities that employees engage in after work still represent the image of the company. If personal interests affect the company’s interests, employees must still prioritize their loyalty to the company and protect the overall interests of the company.
  7. Employees are not allowed to bring dangerous items listed in the Firearms and Knives Control Act, flammable or explosive materials, or items unrelated to production or public service into the workplace.
  8. Employees should show the appropriate politeness and respect for company leaders and officials at all levels.
  9. Company employees should cooperate with each other and fulfill their duties with loyalty. They should have compatible temperaments and avoid rivalry.
  10. A gender equality and workplace sexual harassment complaint handling committee should be established to safeguard gender equality and work rights.