Fuburg is committed to human rights issues and compliance with labor laws in various countries around the world when hiring employees, providing employees with a fair and safe working environment, and referencing internationally recognized human rights standards such as the “International Bill of Human Rights,” “United Nations Global Compact Principles,” and “International Labour Organization’s Core Labour Standards.” The company has developed “Corporate Social Responsibility Practice Guidelines” to treat and respect all stakeholders fairly.

Inclusive Workplace

The company discloses its responsibility to protect human rights on its website and public information observation station. For example, there are no restrictions on gender, race, or marriage when recruiting, and there is a focus on employment opportunities for disadvantaged groups, providing appropriate jobs for individuals. The company has developed a comprehensive set of policies for recruitment, compensation, training, assessment, promotion, and benefits to ensure the legitimate rights and interests of its employees. Fuburg holds regular labor-management meetings to maintain two-way communication with employees.

Fuburg considers good talent as the company’s most important asset and adheres to the concept of profit sharing with employees, providing more comprehensive welfare measures for colleagues. The company has detailed regulations for recruitment, selection, promotion, assessment, promotion, education and training, employee benefits, and retirement for current or future colleagues of Fuburg, without gender discrimination. The following implementation policies implement the company’s human rights policy:

  • Providing a Safe and Healthy Working Environment
    Fuburg provides a safe and healthy working environment, along with necessary fire safety training and practical safety and health education. Regular emergency response plan drills are conducted to prevent, respond to, and mitigate hazards in the workplace and enhance on-site emergency response capabilities.

  • Eliminating Unlawful Discrimination and Ensuring Equal Employment Opportunities
    Fuburg promotes a human rights policy, workplace equality, and zero tolerance for bullying behavior to create a friendly and harmonious working environment. Unlawful discrimination is strictly prohibited, and all stakeholders are treated fairly and with respect. Fuburg complies with the minimum wage standards set by the Labor Standards Act and provides gender-equal and competitive compensation as required.

  • Prohibiting the Use of Child Labor
    Fuburg adheres to the Labor Standards Act and does not hire or support the employment of child labor under the age of 16.

  • Prohibiting Forced Labor
    Fuburg does not use or support the use of forced labor. Employees’ property and documents are not withheld to force them to work continuously. Employees are free to enter and exit as required.

  • Creating a Communication-Friendly Environment and Adopting an Open Management Style
    Fuburg has established transparent and effective two-way communication channels to proactively understand employees’ needs and expectations of the company. Our employee communication channels include personnel announcements, sexual harassment complaint channels, stakeholder contact areas, employee welfare committees, internal education and training, and external education and training subsidies.

  • Diverse Activities to Assist Employees in Maintaining Physical and Mental Health and Achieving Work-Life Balance
    In addition to improving the working environment and working methods to achieve zero accidents, Fuburg regularly conducts safety and health education and holds a variety of activities to encourage effective prevention of occupational hazards and protect and enhance labor safety and health. For example, every year, Fuburg’s Taoyuan factory holds employee health check-up activities, employee trips, parent-child days, and other diverse activities, enabling employees to achieve a balance between work and family, physical and mental health, and experience the beauty of life.