We will establish a “Job Transfer and Dismissal Policy” in accordance with the Labor Standards Act to ensure labor rights and working conditions.

In the event of suspension of business, transfer of business ownership, financial losses, business contraction, or determination by employees that they are unable to continue their work, we will provide advance notice of contract termination in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.

Transfer and Termination Time
Transfer and Termination Time
Transfer and Termination Time

Employee Rights and Benefits.

  • Create a harmonious and reciprocal communication platform and conduct regular labor-management meetings.
  • Protect labor relations and working conditions, and formulate “transfer and dismissal measures” in accordance with the Labor Standards Law. If there is a need for bankruptcy, transfer, loss, business contraction, or if the employee is determined to be incompetent for the job he is responsible for, a notice will be provided to terminate the labor contract in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.
  • Pay attention to human rights-related issues and employ employees in compliance with labor laws in various countries around the world, providing employees with a fair and safe working environment, referring to the “International Human Rights Code”, “The Ten Principles of the United Nations Global Covenant”, and “The Core of the Basic Conventions of the International Labor Organization” “Labor Standards” and other internationally recognized human rights standards, and formulated the “Code of Practice for Sustainable Development” (former Code of Practice for Corporate Social Responsibility) to respect the protections stipulated in human rights conventions and publish it on the company’s website.
  • Protection of employee rights and interests
Item Description
Working hours Compliance with relevant labor laws and regulations.
Compensation Compliance with the minimum wage standards of the Labor Standards Act and payment in accordance with relevant regulations. We provide competitive and gender-equal compensation.
Child labor We do not employ or support the employment of children under the age of 16, in accordance with the Labor Standards Act.
Forced labor We do not use or support the use of forced labor, including withholding employees’ property or documents to force them to work continuously. Employees are free to enter and exit in accordance with regulations.
Health and safety We established the “Fire Drill Guidelines” and “Occupational Health and Safety Regulations” to provide a safe and healthy working environment. Regular fire safety lectures and practical training are conducted, along with periodic emergency response plan drills. These measures are aimed at preventing and reducing hazards in the workplace and enhancing on-site emergency response capabilities. In 2022, we conducted 2 fire drill training sessions, each lasting 4 hours, with a total of 100 participants.
Freedom of association and collective bargaining rights We respect the freedom of association and collective bargaining rights of all employees.
Discrimination We do not engage in or support discrimination based on race, social class, nationality, religion, physical disability, gender, sexual orientation, family responsibilities, marital status, union membership, political affiliation, age, or any other form of discrimination.

  • Gender Equality:
    1. Achieving equal pay for equal work and equal promotion opportunities for both genders. In the year 2022, the proportion of female employees is 50%, and the proportion of female executives is also 50%.
    2. Establishing measures to prevent and address workplace sexual harassment, providing employees, job seekers, dispatched labor, technical trainees, and interns with a work and service environment free from sexual harassment (employee protection). Appropriate preventive, corrective, disciplinary, and remedial measures are taken to safeguard the rights and privacy of the parties involved.
  • Age:
    Encouraging intergenerational cooperation and knowledge transfer, safeguarding the employment rights and interests of middle-aged and older workers, and creating a friendly employment environment. In the year 2022, the average proportion of middle-aged and older employees is 22%.
  • Race:
    Foreign migrant workers employed by the company receive various benefits that not only comply with the legal minimum standards but also are on par with the welfare and treatment provided to domestic employees.
Disciplinary measures We respect all employees and uphold their dignity. We do not engage in or support corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, or verbal insults. We do not treat employees in a rough, inhumane manner.